Online Leagues Rummy

Leagues Rummy is another exciting variant offered for players at GoRummy and is an exclusive product of the site. Perhaps, this variant is slightly different from all other versions and is not offered on any other online rummy websites.

Leagues are the best of rounds rummy. On GoRummy, Leagues are played for odd number of rounds such as 3 or 5. It is played between 2 players only. Both players have to play all rounds in the game.

Once started, both players have to continue playing till the end of the league and there is no option for Drop. The player who makes maximum number of shows is the winner of the game. In addition, all other general rules of rummy apply in this rummy variety.

Leagues Rummy offers a different fun of playing rummy than the usual variety. However, it is suitable for only those players who are capable of playing for a long duration at a stretch. Participating in the number of games in odd numbers such as ‘Best of 3’ or ‘Best of 5’ will be totally at your discretion.

What is Leagues Rummy?

In this rummy variant of Leagues Rummy, all the players play by paying a fixed entry fee which forms the prize pool. The eventual winner at the end of every deal secures 0 points and the rest gets added as points which are included in their score. A player is out of the game once their score reaches the optimum limit of points on the table.

Winnings = (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) – GoRummy Fees

How is Leagues Rummy deals on GoRummy?

Leagues Rummy on is played between 2 players typically with 2 or more packs of 53 cards each (53 is including one printed joker per pack).

Each player is scheduled at a Leagues Rummy table for a predetermined number of games.

Each player is provided with a set of 13 cards randomly.

First card from the pack is included in the open deck indicating that the game has begun.

Rest of the cards are placed face-down in the closed deck.

A joker card is randomly chosen at the start of each game.

One or more jokers can be considered to arrange sets and/or sequences.

Printed Joker: If a printed joker is chosen as joker itself for a game, then players can also consider using an Ace card of all suits as a joker in their sets and / or sequences.

Auto Drop: There is no option available for Auto Drop and the player has to continue till the end of the game.

Elimination: In Leagues Rummy, a player is out of the game once he or she is lost more than the half of the game that is dealt for that part. For instance: In a 5 leagues game, if the player is lost for 3 games then he will be the loser. Remember that the leagues will be played in odd numbers only like 3 or 5.

Objective: Set properly all 13 cards available in hand in sequences and/or sets.

Each player gets turns to pick/discard a card from closed/open deck to arrange sets and/or sequences.

As an active player, you can lead a card to the finish slot to call a show and declare your sets and sequences.

To make a declaration the player must show the cards in hand by grouping them in sets/sequences and clicking on ‘Declare’ button.

Mandatory: To conclude the game, you must ensure that you declare at least two sequences, one of which must be a pure sequence.

How the Scores are awarded in Leagues Rummy?

Declaring the winner : The first player to complete by meeting the game objective is the winner.

Making sure that the cards are arranged properly in sets at the earliest is what the players must prefer.

The winner is awarded 0 points.

The losers account is added with points based on the cards in their hand.

Each card is valued with a certain number of points.

All face cards like J, Q, K, A = 10 points

Rest of the numbered cards reflect the same points as their face value for ex. 9 gets 9 points and 4 gets 4 points.

The jokers are awarded zero points.

The loser of the game receives points as mentioned below:

If a player ends the game without ensuring the game objective, the player is lost and receives 80 points.

If a player fails to play during three consecutive turns, the player is termed as lost and is awarded with a middle drop score.

Deal Show: In case the player lost has not had his first turn even before the opposite player has made a valid declaration, then :

The player who lost is awarded points equal to half of his/her hand score. For instance, if the hand score for a player lost is 30 points, then the player will be awarded 15 points as his score.

Minimum points for a player lost in this case is 2 (for scores 2, 3, 4, & 5).

Maximum points for a lost player in this case is 40 (for scores 80 or more).

Auto Drop: There is no facility for Auto Drop and the players must continue to play for the pre-determined number of games in order to determine the eventual winner.

What are the Optimum Points a Player receives?

In Leagues Rummy, a player will be out of the table if he/she loses more number of games in the league on an overall. For instance: In the Best of 3 game, a player will be considered as out of the game if he or she loses 2 games in total.

How will the Drop Option function?

Unfortunately, this format of game does not have the Drop functionality. Player will not be able to exercise drop option as long as the game persists.