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GoRummy – Your Online Rummy Club, offers an awesome opportunity and sophisticated platform for new rummy players to learn and practice rummy cards games online at any time and from any place. We give play chips to every registered player so that they can play free rummy games.

By practicing free games with play chips, novice players can improve their gaming skills, and learn new strategies. The new players can play unlimited free rummy games with full liberty, and improve their gaming skills to become an ace rummy player.

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Learn how to play rummy games for free at!

We have made it easy! You can play free rummy games at for practice and fun. Simply follow below steps to learn how to play free rummy games with our play chips:

  1. Not registered with yet? Sign up with and get 1,000 play chips.
  2. Use given play chips to practice rummy games for free. Click “Fun Games” option, and choose from available rummy games on GoRummy: Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Leagues. Now click Take Seat to enter the table.
  3. Join the rummy table, enter the number of play chips for playing the selected rummy game and let another player join you for the game to start.
  4. If you win a rummy game, then the play chips won will be credited to your GoRummy account.
  5. If you lose a game, then the amount of lost chips will be deducted from your GoRummy account.
  6. When you lose some or all of your play chips, then you can reload it anytime for free. As your play chips go down to 200, you can click Reload icon on GoRummy to gain 1,000 play chips.