Rummy Tournaments

Multi Table Tournaments

GoRummy now offers tournament play to provide an exciting rummy tournament experience to all our players.

What are Multi-Table Tournaments?

Multi Table Tournament is a format that invites large number of players to compete against each other. It is basically like a race, where all participating players start with equal number of chips and play Rummy for a certain period of time. The player to have the maximum chips at the end of the tournament will be declared as the Winner.

What are the different types of tournaments I can play?

A player can choose among the following tournaments available under “Tournaments” tab on the game client lobby:

Real Tourney: Players will have to buy-in into these tournaments using their real chip balance.

Free Roll Tourney: Players can buy-in into these tournaments for Free and win real chips as prize.

Special Tourney: These are tournaments which are reserved for festivals and other major events with a huge ‘Prize Pool’.

General Rules

All tourneys begin at the scheduled time stated in the Tournament Lobby. GoRummy reserves the right to delay or cancel a tournament without prior notice. Information like the structure of the tourney, length of rounds, re-buy and break information, can be found by clicking the ‘Details’ button in the tournament lobby. GoRummy reserves the right to change the parameters of any tournament at any time without prior notice.


Seats are assigned at random. Seat changes are not permitted. Tournament tables are collapsed and merged frequently to avoid any chances of collusion.


Entry to a tournament can be Free or Paid. You must have the funds available in your account balance to Register for a Paid Tournament. The Entry will be deducted from your account balance as soon as registration is successful. The Rake will be deducted from the final prize pool.

Tournament Drop
Drop = 10 x Bet
Middle Drop = 30 x Bet
Max Count = 80 x Bet
Half Count: In case of Deal Show, count for players who have not played yet will be Half Count
Levels & Level Duration

A Tournament may have different Levels and different bet amounts per level. This information is available on the Tournament Lobby and level duration may differ. All players begin the first level of the tournament with an equal number of Tourney Chips.


As for Multi-Table Tournament:

Players are eliminated when the number of Tourney Chips they have is less than the max count multiplied with the Bet amount of the current Level.

Each Tournament Level requires you to have minimum Tourney Chip balance in order to qualify for the next Level else you will be eliminated.


Prize structure depends on several factors including the number of entrants and if it is meant to be a guaranteed payout. However, winnings from Tourneys under Free Roll tab will be added to your withdrawable balance only upon wagering the tourney winnings at least once.

When a player plays Freeroll/Cash/Special tournaments, the winning amount of his/her is

dispersed into:

50% Real chips – A player can withdraw the amount

50% Bonus Chips – A player can use these chips to play real­cash games

The above terms & conditions may be subject to change without prior intimation


You cannot Unregister from a Tournament after Tournament Start Time.

Players are only allowed to participate in a tournament once. Using multiple accounts to enter multiple times into a single tournament may result in a warning, disqualification from the tournament, along with partial or full forfeiture of winnings and barring from GoRummy.

Players registered for a tournament but not online at the scheduled start time, will be treated as a Drop for every turn missed. In addition players will be removed from tournaments if they do not login and play within 5 minutes of its scheduled start time.


The break schedule for a tournament can be found in the Tournament Lobby Page and is the difference between the Start Time & End Time of the levels.


By participating in a tournament, a player accepts the risk of Internet disconnection, due to problems with the connection between their computer and the servers, lag or freeze or some other problem in the player’s computer or the Internet. GoRummy is not liable for a player’s disconnection while in a Tournament, except in the case of a server crash.

While each user is responsible for his or her own Internet connection, GoRummy makes an effort to protect players who are disconnected and Auto Play will be available for 3 rounds. After which, the game will be middle dropped. During this time, if another player makes a successful show, the disconnected players count would be dependent on players saved groups.

Unethical Play

Rummy is an individual (not a team) game. Any action intended to help another player is unethical and is prohibited. Unethical play, such as playing less aggressively against a partner and chip dumping (intentionally losing chips to a partner), may result in account suspension, including seizure of funds from the offender’s account and/or termination of the account. GoRummy routinely reviews game play to look for violations of our rules and to ensure the integrity of our games. It may be necessary to withhold player winnings until the completion of game play reviews.

Withdrawal Conditions

Players who wish to Withdraw their winnings will have to make a Minimum Deposit of Rs. 50.

Only those players who participate in Minimum 1 Real Cash Game will be able to withdraw the amount they win.

Server Issues

In special circumstances, when a tournament needs to be cancelled because of a crash or some other reason, participating players will be communicated with alternate Tournament Details and / or refund of Tournament Entry + Re-buy amounts.