Rummy Tourney Shootout Feature

GoRummy facilitates each player who participate in any of the tournaments with “Shootout”. This is a special/additional bonus feature in rummy tournaments at our website that rewards a player for eliminating another player.

Why Shootout in Tournaments?
  • It is an additional reward for the player for eliminating the other player(s) in the tournament(s).
  • A player will be rewarded with cash for each elimination of opponent in the tournament even if fails to end ‘In the Money’.
  • Reward money will be given at any stage of the tournament, when ever he/she able to eliminate the opponent throughout the tournament.

Player will receive the Shootout amount to their wallet whenever they eliminates the other player(s) from the tournament.

Terms &Conditions
  • The amount for Shootout is predetermined and shall not be altered at any stage.
  • Each level has been allocated with certain Shootout amount, which will be credited to the corresponding player(s) account.