Dussehra Delight: Play Rummy Tourney and Celebrate the Festival with 25K

Gorummy.com is pleased to announce another festive seasonal Rummy tourney on the occasion of Dussehra.

‘Winning resembles the festival, so play the tourney and resemble the festival’.

Gorummy Dussehra Tournament bagged with a lot and lot of Cash Prizes for its passionate players. Wait not! Register soon for free and make a plan in your calendar to play the tourney to catch the pep of gala.

Only a winner knows that, playing is more important than winning. Because winning gives you a moment but playing gives you a feeling of immense pleasure, fun, thrill, chill, and memorable experiences which lasts forever.

So make time to play, play to have fun and make the fun seriously if you think you deserves cash prize.

Rummy needs your skill than luck, so show your skills then we will show you a winner.

Play the game to deal the winner

Go to Gorummy.com from here, and register your seat in the tournament to play. A new player has to create an account in gorummy.com to play the tourney. It’s just a calk walk to be registered in gorummy. Happy playing-Happy Winning!

Dussehra Rummy Tournament details:

  • Gorummy offers a free entry to the tourney for existing and new players.
  • Tourney conducts on the auspicious day of Dussehra i.e., on 11-10-2016 by 11am.
  • Tourney will have only 3000 seats.
  • Total Prize money of the tourney is 25000/- (Twenty Five Thousand)
  • Based on the ranks, seventy three winners get prize rewards.
  • Time, Tide and the Tourney waits for none, register soon and book your seat.
  • First Prizeworth is going to be ten rupees less to the TEN THOUSAND.
  • Second Prize worth is Rs. 5010/- (Five Thousand and Ten)
  • Third Prize worth is Rs. 3000/- (Three Thousand)
  • And every winner who ranks from fourth to seventy third (4thto 73rd) gets the cash reward of hundred rupees.