‘Add Chips’ – Exclusive Feature in Online Rummy Industry

Before playing rummy at Gorummy, it is quite essential to know about exclusive features that offer rewarding opportunities for players. One of the exclusive and complimentary features for Online rummy players is ‘Add Chips’.

Gorummy provides you an additional chance at the stage of danger zone, which means if you know that you are going to be eliminated from the next level due to lack of chips then you have a facility to add instant chips to your account and enter in to the next level.

Add Chips: Player can add chips if they fall out of minimum required amount of chips to enter the next level. ‘Add chips’ feature is applicable for only real cash tournaments.

There are maximum of 6 levels in a tourney. Each level requires specific amount of chips to qualify for the next level. Below are the details about maintaining chips in each level.

  • Level 1 – 400 chips
  • Level 2 – 800 chips
  • Level 3 – 1200 chips
  • Level 4 – 1600 chips
  • Level 5 – 2000 chips
  • Level 6 – 2400 chips

Every player should be aware of their chips, so that they could add instant chips by utilizing the chance of Add Chips feature.

How Add Chips Workouts?

Step 1: Initially, a player account  gets 1000 chips automatically after their registration as shown below.


In the above image, user 2 entered into the tournament by receiving 1000 chips and started playing rummy. Inorder to go for second level, player should maintain 800 chips as per the tourney rules.

Step 2: Now user 2 entered into second level with 1740 chips as shown below.


In this level, every player should have 800 chips in their account. So, user 1 and user 2 players have maintained their chips to qualify for the level 2.

Step 3: Though you have minimum required amount of chips in present level and still have a doubt whether you may lose your chips while entering to the next level, then you can add chips prior as shown below.


Here, user 2 player has 950 chips in second level. In order to go for third level, every player should maintain 1200 points in their account. Though the user 2 player qualified for level 2 by maintaining actual points in present level, the player added 1000 chips to go for the next level for safety purpose to avoid the shortage of chips in further levels.

That’s the way players can add chips instantly and continue for the next level. This will be a plus point for rummy players to get a chance of winning the tourney.

Want to experience this exclusive feature. Why are waiting? Join Gorummy and get unique experience from the amazing features.