Rummy Skills

Smart Tips to Enhance Your Rummy Skills

Have you ever thought of playing old traditional Rummy card games online? It is the most played game in get-together parties, festivals and on many occasions. We live in the fast-paced world where online gaming is changing faster than ever before.

Do you own right Rummy skills to create a winning line over your competitors? Mastering rummy game is not an easy task. As Rummy is considered as a “Game of Skill”, one should be careful in smartly picking and discarding the cards in the game. GoRummy has come up with the expert tips and techniques that help players to easily grasp the gaming techniques and gain some handsome real chips.

Scroll down to have a look at the following Pro Rummy tricks that help in planning a right strategy to beat your competitors.

The pure sequence is the key to win:

Aim to make a pure sequence first. Don’t ever try to form a pure sequence by using a joker unless you have a pure sequence in your hand first. This helps a lot in minimizing the risk of getting sum of all points of all cards in case your opponent declares the game. Better to use the joker to form the second sequence.

Get note of the cards picked and discarded by your opponents:

Keep in mind that it is the most important trick to be followed. Keep track on the cards picked and discarded by your opponents. This is a quite tricky yet smart way to win the game.

Discard high point cards first:

Did you know high points cards can keep you in trouble? Right, discarding these cards can save you from the burden of losing a lot of points. So, one should think very carefully while picking and discarding the high/low point cards. If your opponent declares the game and you still have the combination of high point cards with the joker, then make a sequence in order to minimize the points.

Middle Cards are invaluable:

Middle cards are more useful than high or low point cards. This is because they can form more combinations with other middle cards.

Discard idle cards –   double winning chances:

Discard the idle cards which do not participate in two distinct sequences. Doing this way will increase the winning chances and as well as save you from losing useless card points once if the opponent declares the game before you.