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How Mobile Era Transforming Online Rummy Gaming Industry

The mobile technology hype in recent years has completely revolutionized the online rummy Gaming industry and opened the doors to a new generation of gamers. How exciting it is spending your free time by playing online rummy on the go?  Nowadays, mobile game industry is becoming highly competitive and gaining more demand with each passing year. In current generation, it is quite hard to imagine a day going out without your smartphone.

A new research from Reliance games found that the Indian mobile gaming industry is expected to reach $3 billion by 2019. The study shows that mobile phones are no longer just a means of communication, but it provides entertainment and can be simply referred as your personal assistant. Even the social networking sites such as Facebook is attracting the new gamers with nearly limitless choices for various types of social games.

Gone are the days where people need to sit in front of their computer or gaming consoles. Mobile technology has overtaken console games. With increased playability options, higher image quality, smooth and simple interface, mobile online rummy gaming experiences are providing players with maximum fun and entertainment.

With rapid increase in the mobile market, developing online rummy games has become as big challenge for game developers. They need to design innovatively and they need to think beyond downloads to meet the growing needs of gamers. There are many online rummy websites online that are offering the best rummy experiences with unbelievable rummy features. Gorummy is one of the best examples for excellent rummy site that is offering amazing rummy features, exciting rummy promotions, thrilling rummy tournaments, bonuses and much more.

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As the technology continues to improve, Gamers will also experience exciting gameplay that goes beyond anything they can possibly anticipate today. Start playing rummy on your mobile to have fun and to earn exciting prizes.