Rummy Card Game Attributes

Rummy Card Game Attributes you shouldn’t miss before your Signup

Rummy card game is the most popular and worthy game than other online games. Among those, Gorummy is the most rewarding portal for rummy players to play rummy for real cash. All you need to know is how to access that portal. The registration and accessing of this website is easy and simple.

Check into the details of online registration process of Gorummy website:

  1. Sign up into – Get rewarded with welcome bonus upto Rs. 2500/-
  2. Login with your respective user name and password
  3. It displays a page with Real games, fun games and tournament on the left side and with different variants on top such as Points rummy, Pools rummy, Deals rummy and Leagues Rummy which are Gorummy unique variants
  4. Choose what ever you want to play.

Fun games are used to brush your rummy skills and helpful to the novice players, so that they can earn real cash prizes by playing real games.

Tournaments are of different types such as special tourneys, free roll and real cash tournaments which will be conducted regularly. Just register into the tourney and start your rummy action to become a rummy champion.

Coming to variants, Gorummy is providing 4 types of variants which differs with each other. Among those variants, it offers a special features in one variant ‘Pools Rummy’ which provides an additional chance to rummy player to continue the tournament.

Special Feature in Pools rummy is ‘MIDDLE JOIN‘. This is the exclusive feature provided by Gorummy where you ever find in any other portal. This feature allows to start your rummy action in the middle of the tournament. Which means it provides another chance to get into the rewarding tourney and become a winner.

The rest of the variants has their own significance which provides more fun and make players feel happy and satisfied with cash prizes.

Coming to Mobile App of Gorummy, the app will be available in Playstore for Android devices and Appstore for iOS devices. It is designed with robust technology with fair game play and best user-interface. Accessing the mobile app is simple and you can download it in 4 steps as mentioned below:

App is available with the name of ‘Gorummy Mobile App

  1. Download the app from Playstore if Android devices, or from appstore if iOS devices
  2. If your device is in secured mode, then go to settings, change the option to allow the app from unknown sources and click OK.
  3. To continue install on your device, click on Next button
  4. Now the app is available on your mobile screen. Open the app and signup with your credentials and also win special bonus.

Now, the fun, a group of friends, new app, real tournaments, real cash prizes, attractive bonuses, special vouchers, and many more are awaiting at your fingertips.

No more waiting! Start experiencing rummy on mobile. Enjoy playing on-the-go.