Freedom Tourney

Gorummy announces Freedom Tourney – Join & Win Rs. 25000

It’s time to celebrate Independence day! Feel the patriotism from within! On this special occasion, Gorummy brings you “Freedom Tourney” on August 15th @ 2PM, 2016. The tourney is open to all rummy players and the entry is absolutely ‘FREE’.

Join the fastest growing online rummy platform and celebrate the most important day in a very special way. We welcome maximum of 1000 players to take part and compete for the whooping cash prize of Rs.25000.

It’s time to unleash your rummy strategies and tricks. Show your real skills on rummy tables and get a big chance to win mega cash prize. No deposit required! All you need is to just join and win.

If you are not yet registered to Gorummy, then here is an opportunity to join Gorummy for Free and   save your seat by clicking on the ‘Register’ button.

Get into the rummy action on this special day and make your day more and more special.

Freedom Tourney Schedule:

1 15thAUG2016 2:00PM Rs.25,000 150

As one of the leading online rummy site, Gorummy is all set to fill this Independence Day with more excitement. Players can also utilize the best Gorummy features to get extra benefits.

Yes! You heard it true! Gorummy ‘Shootout’ feature lets you to get extra bonus amount on  eliminating your opponents from the table. Players have other special feature ‘Late Registration’ that let them to enter the tournament even their registration time has elapsed. Also, make use of Rejoin feature to re-enter into the tournament and enjoy the game-play.

So get ready guys! Registrations are limited! Save your seat and get incredible chance to win big.

The winning prize is dispersed among the winners of the tournament. So don’t miss it!