Sizzling Rummy Tourney Features Never Heard Before is a single-halt rummy destination for unique features that one might have never heard before. Such features benefit even the most skilled player as well besides reflecting other features such as Responsible Gaming and 100% Legal.

Are you determined to win rummy games? Make use of the below features that you must have never heard before.

  • Add Chips

Falling short of the minimum chips required for competing at a certain level? Never bother. has introduced a new feature termed ‘Add Chips’ by making use of which players will be able to stay in the game even after they are at the brink of elimination. More precisely, players will experience optimum sophistication because the chips will be added to their account immediately once the current game ends. This happens only if the player tournament chips are less than or equal to starting chips.

  • Shootouts

Would you like to have 100% satisfaction once a player is eliminated from the tournament owing to less number of chips needed? Then, you will be surprised to know that GoRummy has included a new feature titled ‘Shootouts’. This feature will be handy for those players who eliminate others from the tournament. The corresponding section displays number of shootouts won in total during that specific tournament so that the players could keep a track of their earnings.

  • Late Registration

Imagine that a tournament is about to begin with the scheduled time to register already elapsed. You never need to feel disappointed as there is a new feature available in the form of ‘Late Registration’. It means that you can have a seating in a tourney that has already begun. This feature is available for absolutely free. It can be seen from the ‘Status’ section, which displays the current level of the tournament.

Avail several features as such that GoRummy unveils on a regular basis in order to make your playing experience even more exciting and joyful.