Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy – Your Favorite Online Rummy Variant to Earn Big Rewards

Have you ever tried Indian online rummy variants? Deals rummy is very interesting variant that is played by 2 to 6 players with 1 or more standard deck of cards. Most of the players are not aware of this variant, but it is the best one as you can win big prize pool just by maintaining least score than your opponent.

The rummy players will play with pre-decided number of deals. The player who will grab the least number of points will be declared as a winner.

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Deals Rummy – Winnings Formula

Winnings = (Betting Chips) X (Number of Players) – GoRummy Fees

Every player needs to pick card from either Closed or Open Deck during their turn. The final goal is to form sets and sequences by end of the game. The player who completes arranging cards in to exact needs to declare a valid hand.

Deals rummy gameplay is common as normal rummy, but all you need is to just follow the same tricks of the normal 13 Cards rummy online. It is very important to observe the cards discarded by your opponents to get clear idea about his cards. This helps you to win the game.

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