‘Rejoin’ – Best Ever Feature To Rejoin the Tournament

“Rejoin”rummy feature allow players to take part in tournament even they fall out of minimum required chips in particular level. Yes! Players can join the tourney again by adding chips whenever they need during the tourney.

Gorummy is providing another great opportunity for players to become a champion using an Best Ever Feature ‘Rejoin’.

How Rejoin Works?

Step 1: Initially, login to the tournaments page and Take seat based on the status displayed as shown below

Rummy tournaments

Step 2: After entering into the tournament, player will get 1000 chips initially. Player should start the tourney with 1000 chips and should maintain those chips according to the level until the game gets over.

Rummy Tournaments

User 2 player got 1000 chips initially as shown in the above image. The game continues to further levels as usually.

Every tournament has maximum 6 levels in which each tourney has a rule of maintaining minimum chips such as shown below. While playing rummy tournament, players should be aware of rummy rules and its levels.

Level 1st – 400 chips

Level 2nd – 800 chips

Level 3rd – 1200 chips

Level 4th – 1600 chips

Level 5th – 2000 chips

Level 6th – 2400 chips

Step 3:  Every player should maintain chips as per the rules of each level. If any players have less than minimum required chips for that particular level, then the player will get eliminated.

Observe the below image, how a player re-joined into the game even after elimination.

Play Rummy

When the player got eliminated from the game due to lack of chips, then a pop up will be displayed saying that he/she can add required chips and continue the game.

Here in the above image, user 1 player has eliminated due to low chips in the present level. As the player have only 700 chips, but in level 3 – 1200 chips need to be maintained. So, user 1 player got eliminated.

Now, the player utilized the feature ‘Rejoin’ and added the remaining required chips and continued the game.

Without any loss, Gorummy encourages players to participate again into the game by introducing new feature ‘Rejoin’ into rummy platform.

Gorummy is a leading and unique rummy portal that provides incredible features for rummy players‘ feasibility.

What are thinking for? Join into Gorummy – Utilize Rejoin and enjoy unlimited games to win unlimited cash prizes.