Rewarding Rummy Feature – ‘SHOOTOUTS’

Which is the best rummy site? You probably might say a site that offers the best rummy features which make your gameplay more exciting and productive. No rummy site is worth playing if it does not offer interesting features.

Gorummy offers you an exclusive rewarding feature ‘Shootout’ where rummy players can earn extra bucks along with their winnings.

What exactly means ‘Shootout’ Feature: It is an excellent feature that let players to get additional bonus for defeating each opponent. The more they defeat – The more they can earn. For each shootout bonus will be automatically added to the player’s respective account. This feature is available in real cash tournaments only.

How Shootouts Works?

In 13 card rummy tournaments, 4 to 6 levels are conducted. For each level, there is a rule that a player should maintain minimum amount of chips to qualify for the next level.

  • For 1st Level – minimum 400 chips are required
  • For 2nd Level – minimum 800 chips are required
  • For 3rd Level – minimum 1200 chips are required
  • For 4th Level – minimum 1600 chips are required
  • For 5th Level – minimum 2000 chips are required
  • For 6th Level – minimum 2400 chips are required

If any player has less than minimum required amount of chips in that particular level, then he/she will gets eliminated. Then the bonus amount will be debited from the eliminated player’s account and is added to the winner’s account.

How Shootout Feature works?

Step 1: Go to Tournaments lobby page as displayed below:

Gorummy Shootout1
Click on ‘Open’ to enter in to a tournament and click on ‘Register Now‘ to save your seat in the tournament as below:

Gorummy Shootout2Step 3: When the tourney begins, refresh yourself and prove your rummy skills to win real cash prizes and additional bonuses as well.

Gorummy Shootout3

Our rummy tourney table looks like above image while the tournament is in progress. In this image, only three players are playing the game and it is in 3rd level.

As we mention that in 3rd level, player should maintain minimum 1200 chips. So, here all the three players have more than required number of chips. They will move to the next level which is 4th level.

Step 4: In this game, “Test 2” player declares the show. So, points will be deducted for the rest of players Test 1 and Test 3.

Gorummy Shootout4Step 5: But “Test 3” player run out of chips after Test 2 wins this game. Hence “Test 3” is eliminated from the game.

Gorummy Shootout5Whenever Shootout bonus is happened, a message saying congratulations will be displayed on the screen as shown in the above image and the shootouts count will be automatically added.

So “Test 2” player gets Shootout bonus as he eliminated Test 3 from the game. Then bonus points “5” is added to the winners’ account i.e Test 2 account.

Gorummy Shootout6This is how players can earn extra bonus by eliminating their opponents. Along with this bonus amount, players can also win cash prizes which worth more.

“Shootout” is an exclusive and best ever feature you ever find in rummy industry. Due to this feature, hundreds of thousands of players are registering into Gorummy to earn more and more money.

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