‘Middle Join’ – Unique feature helps to experience real rummy fun any time

Gorummy introduced a new feature known as ‘Middle Join’ where rummy players can start their rummy action by joining in the middle of the game.

This feature allows all rummy players to prove their rummy skills on tables and earn real cash prizes.

Middle Join helps to avoid waiting time and provide real rummy experience at any moment whenever you want.

Due to this amazing feature, Gorummy has become the best and favorite platform for most of the rummy players. Gorummy is also available on Mobile. Players can enjoy the rummy fun on-the-go at anytime, anywhere from any device.

Before you proceed, follow below steps to get aware of the procedure.

Middle Join: How it Works?

Middle Join feature is applicable only in Pool rummy both in 101 & 201 formats. This Feature is exclusively applicable for New Players only.

Step 1: After your signup, select ‘Pool rummy’ and start your rummy action on rummy tables as shown below:


Pool rummy

If you are a new player and looking to join in the middle of rounds, then choose the tables either 101 or 201 as shown in the above screen.

Make sure to select the tables which are represented with ‘Middle Join’ icons as shown below with arrow marks.

Middle Join icons

Now players can click on ‘Take Seat’ option and enter into the table as they prefer.

Step 2: After that you will get a notification message to confirm your seat as below:


Step 3: After clicking on OK button, you will enter into the board.

Step 4: Below is the screen Shot which shows additional player ‘Test 3’ who joined in the middle.Play Rummy

But still the game is running in between the players and after completion of their game, it notifies ‘Test 3’ player with an alert message saying that you can start playing the game only if you purchase real chips.


Play RummyNote: It is very important to make sure that a Middle Join player will be in the game with “Highest score among the players +1”. And a player can take a table only if the score is less than 80.

Step 5: Now ‘Test 3’ has successfully joined in the middle of the game as shown below.

Play Rummy

Step 6: Final winner scores will be displayed as shown below.


Online RummyYou could be the next winner like ‘Test 3’.

Not yet registered? Then you are missing a lot… Join in the middle, get a chance to win the game and have more fun and more entertainment.

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