BookMyShow Rummy Tournament

BookMyShow Rummy Tournament – Join & Win Mega Gift Voucher

Gorummy brings you new ‘BookMyShow Tournament’ to engage rummy players and surprise with special gift voucher. The Rummy Tournament will be held on July 17th, 24th, 31st and August 7th @ 3 PM. 

It’s a big opportunity to all rummy players to win special gift. Save your date and get a chance to win special BookMyShow voucher.

As it’s known that Gorummy regularly comes with new tournaments to entertain rummy players and provide them stress free life. Also rummy players are enjoying ultimate features to earn extra bonuses which are provided by Gorummy. In fact, each tourney differs with its strategies and provides more fun and entertainment along with winning prizes. Hundreds and thousands of rummy players are playing these tournaments and creating sensation with their winnings.

Coming to new tourney, BookMyShow tourney stands out among all tourneys with different strategy. It’s a great opportunity for any rummy player to win special voucher in this tourney, only thing is that they need to be in top 5 winners list. Then, each winner will get a special voucher worth Rs. 500/-. Along with this, players can also earn extra bonuses with Gorummy’s rewarding feature “Shootouts”. Know about the complete details of those features as mentioned below.

Shootouts: This is the best and exclusive feature for rummy players to earn extra. Shootouts will provide additional bonus on eliminating your opponents. For each  elimination bonuses will be credited to their respective accounts.

Gorummy also provides additional chance to all rummy players with other features  which are mentioned below:

Late Registration: This is also one of exclusive feature that you ever heard in rummy industry till now. This feature provides you one more chance for rummy players in order to join into the tournament even after the actual registration time got over.

Add Chips: Generally, rummy player should maintain real chips to play real cash tournament. So if any player were out of chips during the tournament,this feature helps you to add instant chips and continue the tourney which creates another chance to win.

These are amazing and complimentary features for rummy players where you never heard of. So, no more waiting. Join BookMyShow Rummy tourney and utilize all these features to earn more bonuses along with  gift voucher.

Don’t miss this rewarding opportunity. Engage this weekend and fly high with free gift voucher.