Cash Tournaments

CASH TOURNAMENTS – Join & Win Exciting Cash Prizes Daily

Gorummy is back with a new ‘Cash Tournament’  to entertain rummy players and provide daily delights. Cash Tournaments held everyday at Gorummy, allowing users to play real cash tournaments and win real cash prizes.

Cash Tournaments are popular and favourite for most of the rummy players. Any Player can participate in Cash Tournaments and win exciting cash prizes. Cash Prize is decided by the end of tourney based on number of participated players and re buys made.

After finalising the Cash Prize, it will be distributed among top 5 players of the game. Take part in rummy real cash tourneys and enjoy maximum of it.


1. “Shootouts”: This is additional bonus feature in which Player can get extra bonus by eliminating another player.

The more you eliminate the players– The more you earn.

2. “Rejoin”: Player has a facility to rejoin into tournament even after reaching maximum points limit and gets eliminated.

These are the two features exclusively incorporated in Gorummy portal for players feasibility. In addition to this, there are 4 levels in Cash Tourney game and for every 30 minutes the new game will start. So, Player can get a chance to win for every 30 mints. All you need to do is implement your rummy skills and apply all rummy strategies into tourney to grab your Cash Prize.

Registration is very simple for “Cash Tournament” by logging onto website results main lobby page and click on “Tournaments” tab and then click on the register button of Cash Tournament.

What are you still looking for? Join now! Be the one among top 5 players to win exciting cash prize. Don’t Miss! Grab your Cash Prize by taking part in the Cash Tournaments and win big everyday.

Gorummy is associated with trusted service Paytm, and also Gorummy is designed by using cutting edge technologies to make tranasactions more safe and secure.

Kick out your boredom and get engage with daily Cash Tournaments to double your bankrolls.